fix it
with j-b weldStar

  • Step 1: Smooth both sides of crack using rotary tool with grinding attachment, or drill fit with grinding attachment.

  • Step 2: Roughen edges of crack with sandpaper to allow for better adhesion of the epoxy.

  • Step 3: Clean inside and outside of crack of dirt and debris.

  • Step 4: Use clamp to hold pieces of bumper together flush, if necessary.

  • Step 5: Open and dispense Plastic Bonder syringe into mixing tray (provided in package). Mix 50/50 thoroughly until uniform color.

  • Step 6: Using stick provided, apply Plastic Bonder to crack, ensuring that it is thoroughly applied into crack.

  • Step 7: Allow Plastic Bonder to dry and cure, at least 30 minutes.

  • Step 8: If desired, once Plastic Bonder has cured, the area can be sanded and painted.

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