tile flower planter

since 1969

how to fix your issue
with j-b weldStar

  • Step 1: Lay out ceramic tiles. Dispense ClearWeld Syringe into mixing tray, mixing 50/50.

  • Step 2: Apply ClearWeld along edge of first tile using stick provided, and place 2nd tile at 90 degree angle. Apply masking tape across this joint to help with adhesion.

  • Step 3: Repeat for next two tiles, creating square open cube of tiles.

  • Step 4: Place 5th tile across the top of the cube, but align so that there is a small gap on two sides (the cube will be slightly larger than the last tile). This will allow for water drainage. Apply ClearWeld to the two sides that touch the cube, and apply tape to the seams.

  • Step 5: Allow ClearWeld to dry and cure (1 hour), then remove tape.

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