About J-B Weld

We Take Pride in Making It. You Take Pride in Using It.

Ask an avid DIYer, a mechanic, or any repair professional what he has to have in his toolbox, and he’s sure to tell you about tried-and-true staples like duct tape, WD-40®, and of course J-B Weld. For more than 40 years, our products have earned a loyal and enthusiastic following from the people who take pride in their work. They know our products bond strong to a variety of surfaces in even the toughest environments. 

How It All Began: A Mom and Pop Operation

The J-B Weld Company was founded in 1969 by Sam and Mary Bonham. Sam had discovered a need for a “cold weld” product to use in his truck service garage, instead of traditional torch welding. Working with a Texas A&M chemist, he formulated an original “tougher than steel” two-part epoxy and named it J-B Weld. Sam and Mary soon went from selling the product out of their car to auto parts jobbers across Texas, to selling it in stores throughout the U.S. and internationally.

Our goal of helping customers save their items and them money can be found in the original company motto:

J-B Weld Today: Building on a Strong Brand

The latest chapter of the J-B Weld story began in 2008, when the company was purchased by a group of private investors led by Chip Hanson, who now serves as CEO and president. In just a few years’ time, we have broadened the product line to meet the changing needs of our customers, including new adhesives for metal, wood, plastic, and general purpose use. With each new product we innovate—whether epoxy putty sticks, syringe-based epoxy adhesives, threadlockers, or specialty products—we continue to provide the world’s strongest bond for your repair projects. We have also expanded our retail partnerships to reach even more customers.

Today, you can conveniently find J-B Weld products in some of the world’s largest automotive, hardware, home improvement, and big-box stores nationwide. For a complete list of retailers, go to the locations page.

WD-40 is a registered trademark of the WD-40 Company.