Work Time
20-30 Minutes
Cure Time
12-24 Hours
High Gloss - High Build
Use On
  • Pro Sizes
  • Rotted Wood
  • Wood
  • Wood Restore Products
  • And More

Wood Restore Premium Liquid Epoxy Kit

J-B Weld Wood Restore Premium Liquid Epoxy is a high strength liquid epoxy coating.  It is a specially formulated coating that can be used to seal wood surfaces with a durable clear finish, or to strengthen wood surfaces damaged over time or decaying as a result of rotted wood.  The special formula penetrates and seals the wood to reinforce the fibers reducing further decay and providing a solid base for J-B Weld Wood Restore Repair Putty or Premium Epoxy Putty Compound.   When fully cured it provides a clear durable finish for wood and other surfaces.

Great For
  • Table Tops, Bar Tops, Doors and Antiques
  • Can be used on Interior or Exterior Surfaces
Made in the USA US flag

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Cleans surface of loose rotted wood and debris. Remove rotted wood as necessary to allow for maximum penetration.
In a graduated cup, mix equal portions of part A and part B of the J-B Wood Restore Liquid Epoxy. Apply to surface area generously. For an even thickness coat the work surface must be level.
Apply a second coat if necessary.
For rotted wood applications, once fully cured apply J-B Weld Wood Restore Repair Putty or Wood Repair Compound to fill all gaps and surface areas.