August 01, 2013


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J-B Weld to the Rescue During Storm Season: Makers of the “World’s Strongest Bond” Urge Consumers to be Prepared for Peak Months

ATLANTA (August 1, 2013)-  When Super Storm Sandy ambushed the Eastern U.S. last October, millions were without power for several weeks. Richard and Linda of New Jersey were among them, but they were prepared with a generator in case the electricity went out – or so they thought. After spending just two days on backup power, a hairline crack in the generator’s fuel tank caused a gas leak that led to a complete loss of power – again.

Facing an unknown period of time in the cold and darkness, they scrambled to find a solution. At an open home center, Richard found WaterWeld, a J-B Weld product that works on wet surfaces and is resistant to petroleum and other chemicals. Within two hours of applying it to the crack, it was sealed and the generator was back on.

“Without J-B Weld, we would have been without power for two weeks,” said Linda. “Thanks to its holding power, the generator doesn’t need replacing. All we need now is more J-B Weld for this storm season.”

“Their situation reminds us to always think ahead by preparing for the unexpected,” said Chip Hanson, CEO of J-B Weld. “As the storm season’s peak months are upon us, it’s time to reassess preparedness kits and stock up on J-B Weld.”

J-B Weld is available in various forms and packages, including twin tubes, putty sticks and easy-mix syringes. Each J-B Weld two-part epoxy adhesive is formulated to provide the strongest bond and designed for specific surfaces including metal, wood, plastic, glass and more. Indoors or outdoors, even in difficult environments, J-B Weld is fast, easy-to-use and safe.

If a storm requires evacuation, be prepared for potential roadside emergencies. DIY auto mechanics rely on J-B Weld for repair needs such as cracked radiators, fluid leaks and even engine blocks.

J-B Weld makes storm preparedness simple, no matter what you need to fix. To find your solution, visit the products section of, ask questions on Facebook or Twitter, or call a customer service representative for product recommendations at 903.885.7696.

About J-B Weld

J-B Weld, the leader of epoxy adhesive, is based in Sulphur Springs, Texas . For more than 40 years, J-B Weld products have earned a loyal and enthusiastic following from the people who take pride in their work.  J-B Weld products bond strong to a variety of surfaces in even the toughest environments and provide cost-effective repair options. Family of products includes J-B Weld, J-B Kwik, WaterWeld, SteelStik, KwikWood, KwikPlastic, ClearWeld, WoodWeld, MarineWeld, High Heat and Perm-O-Seal. J-B Weld products have always been made in the USA.

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